On Human Bankruptcy

I honestly don’t think I have ever despised an individual, let alone a politician (if you can call him that) as much as I do this complete wreck of a human spirit that has conned his way into the White House. Who does this to people (story below)? Who does this to children? What sort of a twisted rationale reasons that this is acceptable? Okay, maybe he doesn’t know the details of what’s going on, but how can you not be at least peripherally aware? But even in that scant knowledge, how in the hell can you justify this, or ignore it, and still call yourself a member of the human race?

If you are one of the unfortunates who continues to support this animal, you are no longer someone to be jokingly dismissed and called a “deplorable”… you are now something to be feared. Because in effect, you support this. You condone it… by your inability to even consider that you may have made an error in judgment in supporting his nomination and subsequent election. You vehemently deny all reason and hard evidence that demonstrates that you are following a leader with absolutely no moral compass, aside from that which serves himself. Not the national interest, not the law, not the citizenry… only himself. Period. And you do this it would appear in order to save face and not have to accept the responsibility that you may have been wrong. You’d rather dig a deeper hole than admit an otherwise easily dismissed… and wholly understandable at the time… error. That is pitiable, and indicative of a mindset that cannot be trusted to do anything but in turn serve only yourself as well.

If you still at this point continue to rationalize your support of this obvious path towards profit over humanity, greed over social ethos, and frankly this heading towards outright fascism (look up the definition please, before you reply), fronted by a halfwitted clown, dropping his pants alongside the firing squad… then you, in my view, have devolved into no more than an animal yourself. In your quest to pursue your social or economic agenda (those of you who actually have one, outside of simply being angry and white), you’ve sold your credibility by turning a blind eye to this insanity, in favor of promoting your beliefs regardless of the cost.  The problem with that however is that when you discover the true depth of that cost, it will be too late.  People always say they can’t conceive how 1938 Germany and the subsequent horrors of National Socialism happened. Well, this is how it happened. Because people thought it was okay as long as the trains ran on time.


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