New Endeavors… More Fun, More Adventures

DH-clickWhen not falling off of horses, and in my never ending pursuit of self-amusements (and the making of a buck or two of course), I have taken back up with my old creative outlet of still photography.  I wasn’t bad at it years ago, and apparently I’m still not too shabby as my first commercial assignment for Hook Magazine will be published in their July 15th edition, featuring a spread on the new Antique and Classic Couture emporium, The Eclectic Eye, in Warwick, NY.  “The Hook” has been around for quite awhile and focuses on style, art, fashion and the creative goings on (with a dash of social news… pour ceux dans le savior) in the lower Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey and Putnam and Westchester County areas.  Kind of like a Hampton’s Magazine, but without anything about The Hamptons in it… and I’ve heard tell that apparently there are people out there who actually enjoy that sort of a thing.  So look for more to come.   I’ll be shooting horse shows of course (No… not shooting horses.  Jeez… you guys are so predictable.), portraits, events, some more commercial gigs… and yes, I do weddings (well… maybe weddings.  We’ll talk).  – See ya round the campfire, DH


Doug will not be touring for 2015 season.

Doug Howard backstage


3/9/15 – Regrets friends and fans…. but Doug has elected not to tour this 2015 season and has stepped back from Rhett Tyler & Early Warning in order to concentrate on his music video promotion company, www.VJ-Pro.com.   No worries, no drama.   Just a decision to take a little break for this year, and then perhaps later see what happens down the road.   

Sorry to perhaps disappoint, but look for some fun to come.  

Best to you all!  See you down the road!

Here we go again!…

3/3/14 – Doug will again be joining Rhett Tyler & Early Warning  for  the 2014 live show season. Here are the dates so far… 

DougRhett2 copy

    •  – March 29, 2014 Sat – Dinosaur Bar-B-Que  – Albany NY
    •  – April 5, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford PA
    •  – April 17, 2014 Thu – Palace Theater – Albany NY (w/BB King!)
    •  – April 18, 2014 Fri – Delta-Blue – Lake Placid  NY
    •  – April 19, 2014 Sat – Delta-Blue – Lake Placid  NY
    •  – May 10, 2014 Sat – Van Dyck Lounge – Albany NY
    •  – June 14, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford PA
    •  – June 21, 2014 Sat – Heritage Blues Fest Lake – Placid NY
    •  – July 3, 2014 Thu – The Falcon – Marlboro, NY (Postponed!)
    •  – July 11, 2014 Fri – Turning Point – Piermont, NY
    •  – July 22, 2014 Tue – Saratoga County Fair  Balston Spa NY
    •  – July 26, 2014 Sat – Towne Crier Cafe – Beacon, NY
    •  – Aug. 2, 2014 Sat – Brian’s BBQ – Middletown NY
    •  – Aug 22, 2014 Fri – WNTI Stage Music Festival – Sparta, NJ
    •  – Aug. 23, 2014 Sat – Cooperstown Blues Express – Milford, NY
    •  – Aug. 29, 2014 Fri – Newport Rocks The Fort  – Fort Adams, RI (w/Rick Derringer)
    •  – Oct. 25, 2014 – Private Event (sorry) – Tampa, FL
    •  – Nov. 7, 2014 Fri – Delta Blue – Lake Placid, NY
    •  – Nov. 8, 2014 Sat – Delta Blue – Lake Placid, NY
    •  – Dec. 11, 2014 Thu – The Falcon – Marlboro, NY
    •  – Dec 20, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford, PA
    •  – Jan 2, 2015 Fri – The Turning Point – Piermont, NY 

The Long Wait Is OVER!!

SpoonBreadAlbumArt8/3/13 – Finally, the long wait is over.  Fully remixed and re-mastered, SpoonBread’s live album “Live At The Fireman’s Ball” is set for release on September 1st, 2013.  Of course the tracks have been available on this site and others for streaming, but not for download.  The album is the live recording of Doug and the band’s rare appearance at The Oneonta Theatre on May 12th, 2012 and features their special brand of roaring funk and slamming rock & roll that left the crowd exhausted and screaming for more.  A CD version will be available Sept 1st on SpoonBreadMusic.com, here of course… iTunes and Amazon.com.  

Stay tuned!  The band as ever is grateful for your patience and support.   Look for SpoonBread to resume live dates in 2014. 

Live Show & Touring News for 2013

RhettandDougDoDaBump4/3/13 – For the 2013 summer show season, Doug has teamed up with guitar wizard Rhett Tyler.  And there are tons of dates.  Best place to keep up on where they are going to be is Rhett’s Fan Page  or, follow Doug Howard on Twitter or on his FaceBook site.

Motel Hell

motelhell20121/12/12 – Doug will be contributing his bass pyrotechincs to the soundtrack of the upcoming feature film “Motel Hell 2012” which is currently in production and slated for release later this year. What exactly Doug will be performing on the soundtrack is still under wraps, but samples will be posted as they are released. To learn more about the film, please visit www.motelhell2012.com