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On Human Bankruptcy

I honestly don’t think I have ever despised an individual, let alone a politician (if you can call him that) as much as I do this complete wreck of a human spirit that has conned his way into the White House. Who does this to people (story below)? Who does this to children? What sort […]

Net Neutrality… a fable.

So people seem to be confused as to why all the fuss about eliminating Net Neutrality. “Who cares, Doug?  I can turn on my computer.  It still works. And I can still look at everything that I want to.  And besides, the government has too much control over everything.  And you know something else?… God […]

Doug will not be touring for 2015 season.

3/9/15 – Regrets friends and fans…. but Doug has elected not to tour this 2015 season and has stepped back from Rhett Tyler & Early Warning in order to concentrate on his music video promotion company, www.VJ-Pro.com.   No worries, no drama.   Just a decision to take a little break for this year, and then perhaps later […]

More on my Excellent Equestrian Adventure….

So I’ve been at this obsession of bouncing around on the back of the occasionally pig-headed but ultimately sweet mare, Mabel, recapturing my youth or whatever the hell you want to call it, for the past six months. I’ve dropped over 20 lbs., my mind is clearer, my attitude is actually more pleasant (if you can believe […]

The Ballad of Mabel & The Man Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

As you may or may not know, or could for that matter care less, I have found a new focus in line with my ongoing mid-life crisis. Actually I don’t see how it can be considered a mid-life crisis as I have always strictly maintained the perspective of a 12 year old in all things, […]

I Don’t Need A List To Remind Me To Breathe… Yet.

It’s come time for me to make lists. It is not necessarily an age thing, though I could easily use that as an excuse in that I find myself occasionally doing things like forgetting where I put the butter knife when I am holding the damned thing right there in my hand. But in that […]

The Elements of Style & Tonic

Doug Howard 3/28/14 (Originally published November, 2005) Recently I was quite surprised to find that I am, in some warped circles apparently now considered a writer. This in spite of the fact that I have two horrid little novels that actually speak to me in the middle of the night, just prior to my falling […]

You Will Take A Long Journey With a Tall Dark Stranger

Doug Howard 3/28/14 (originally published March 2009) Psychics fascinate me. Not because I am fascinated by their abilities. I am simply fascinated at how they get away with it all in the first place. Now I do try to keep my mind open to the idea that all that surrounds us is not all that […]

When I Grow Up…

3/25/14  I have decided what I want to be when I grow up. For the uninformed, I am indeed older than dirt, but “growing up” has never seemed to have made it to my top ten of things to do in the time that I have been taking up space on the planet; that is, […]