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“Say goodnight, Gracie”

Hello All,  Just a note… to announce my retirement.   Not from music per se, but from the “business of music.” After close to 34 years working simultaneously in the “business side” of music, and still playing… and coming up on 50 overall in music thus far (best as I can figure anyway), I have […]

We were never considered a “New York band.”

Touch was never quite a “New York  band.”  Even though for the most part we all lived in the city, built and rehearsed our act in a rat-infested loft next door to the Mid-Town South Precinct on West 35th Street (up the block from Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s zombie hostel in the old New Yorker […]

Recent Interview with Bass Magazine

Doug’s interview with Bass Magazine… Doug sat down with the editors of Bass Magazine to discuss the new Touch album, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” surviving the pandemic and a unique method of learning how to speak Danish… Click here for the full story!  

Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes – UK/EU Release Date Announced:

Escape Music is pleased to announce a European release with legendary rock band TOUCH and their brand new reunion album “Tomorrow Never Comes” featuring all of the original members. Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes Release Date: 26th March 2021 Catalogue No: ESM351 Now is available for pre-order, you can order your copy from: https://www.the-music-shop.net www.Escape-Music.com […]

New Album… New School Pictures!

  As the “Touch” album is currently in mix, and the band is literally spread out all over the planet due to COVID, the art wizards have requested some head shots so they can create some magic.  I’m going to need some full blown warlocks.  See you all soon!