Doug’s interview with The Five Count

Recently Doug sat down with The Five Count and of course discussed the new Touch album, but also goes on to talk about his time as Songster for The Masters of The Universe Power Tour.

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Recent Interview with Bass Magazine

Doug’s interview with Bass Magazine…

Doug sat down with the editors of Bass Magazine to discuss the new Touch album, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” surviving the pandemic and a unique method of learning how to speak Danish…

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Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes – UK/EU Release Date Announced:

Escape Music is pleased to announce a European release with legendary rock band TOUCH and their brand new reunion album “Tomorrow Never Comes” featuring all of the original members.
Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes
Release Date: 26th March 2021
Catalogue No: ESM351
Now is available for pre-order, you can order your copy from:
Touch is:
Craig Brooks: Guitars / Vocals
Mark Mangold: Keyboards / Vocals
Glenn Kithcart: Drums / Vocals
Doug Howard: Bass / Vocals
Produced and engineered by Touch
Mixed by Mark except “Tomorrow Never Comes” by Simon Jovanovich
and “Fire and Ice” by Tommy Denander (additional mixing by Mark)
Craig played additional keys on Scream At The Sky
Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Cover art by Stan Decker from concept by Touch
Track lists:
2 LET IT COME 4:16
3 SWAN SONG 7:44
4 TRY TO LET GO 4:49
9 GLASS 4:16

TOUCH is an American band from New York City formed in 1978 with

Mark Mangold

(keyboards and vocals), Glenn Kithcart (drums), Craig Brooks (guitars and vocals) and Doug Howard (bass and vocals).

All previously had been in the last version of the band American Tears (releasing three albums on Columbia Records).
Touch’s first album was released on Atco in the U.S. and Ariola in Europe and their first singles, “Don’t You Know What Love Is” and “When The Spirit Moves You” charted on the Billboard Hot 100. “Don’t You Know What Love Is” was played heavily on AOR stations in the USA at the end of the 1970s and early ’80’s, and also did well in the Melody Maker chart in Great Britain.
Touch was the first band to play at the inaugural Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington in 1980. A live version of “Don’t You Know What Love Is” appeared on the compilation LP Monsters of Rock, documenting performances at the festival.
Known for their memorable and diverse songs, stellar musicianship, lush vocal harmonies and dynamic stage performance, Touch is invariably on the list of TOP AOR Bands and their album is considered by many to be among the best AOR Melodic Rock albums of all time.
The band have now reformed to create the new album “Tomorrow Never Comes”, which is being hailed as their best work to date.

New Album… New School Pictures!


As the “Touch” album is currently in mix, and the band is literally spread out all over the planet due to COVID, the art wizards have requested some head shots so they can create some magic.  I’m going to need some full blown warlocks.  See you all soon!

A little taste…

Check it.  A leak from the forthcoming Touch reunion album…


Work, work, work work…

We are TRYING to get this album done in time for the summer…. if only we could stop laughing all the time we MIGHT get some work done.

Thanks to everyone for all of your notes and good wishes.  What we have so far… is frankly pretty damned awesome.

Perhaps some leaks to follow soon… 

Always My Best, Doug H

Yes… the rumors are true. There is a Touch reunion being worked on.

For those that remember, Touch was Doug’s first major label band which produced such Billboard Top 40 songs as “Call Me When The Spirit Moves You,” “Don’t You Know What Love Is,” “Black Star” “There’s A Light,” and of course others, which appeared on their freshman album “Touch” on Atlantic/Atco records.

These many years later, (left to right) Doug, Glenn, Craig and Mark are in the studio as of this writing… doing what it is that they do, thanks to the interest and encouragement of their new record label. While label details and release dates cannot be discussed at this time…. watch this space for further developments.

Doug will not be touring for 2015 season.

3/9/15 – Regrets friends and fans…. but Doug has elected not to tour this 2015 season and has stepped back from Rhett Tyler & Early Warning in order to concentrate on his music video promotion company,   No worries, no drama.   Just a decision to take a little break for this year, and then perhaps later see what happens down the road.   

Sorry to perhaps disappoint, but look for some fun to come.  

Best to you all!  See you down the road!

Here we go again!…

3/3/14 – Doug will again be joining Rhett Tyler & Early Warning  for  the 2014 live show season. Here are the dates so far… 


    •  – March 29, 2014 Sat – Dinosaur Bar-B-Que  – Albany NY
    •  – April 5, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford PA
    •  – April 17, 2014 Thu – Palace Theater – Albany NY (w/BB King!)
    •  – April 18, 2014 Fri – Delta-Blue – Lake Placid  NY
    •  – April 19, 2014 Sat – Delta-Blue – Lake Placid  NY
    •  – May 10, 2014 Sat – Van Dyck Lounge – Albany NY
    •  – June 14, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford PA
    •  – June 21, 2014 Sat – Heritage Blues Fest Lake – Placid NY
    •  – July 3, 2014 Thu – The Falcon – Marlboro, NY (Postponed!)
    •  – July 11, 2014 Fri – Turning Point – Piermont, NY
    •  – July 22, 2014 Tue – Saratoga County Fair  Balston Spa NY
    •  – July 26, 2014 Sat – Towne Crier Cafe – Beacon, NY
    •  – Aug. 2, 2014 Sat – Brian’s BBQ – Middletown NY
    •  – Aug 22, 2014 Fri – WNTI Stage Music Festival – Sparta, NJ
    •  – Aug. 23, 2014 Sat – Cooperstown Blues Express – Milford, NY
    •  – Aug. 29, 2014 Fri – Newport Rocks The Fort  – Fort Adams, RI (w/Rick Derringer)
    •  – Oct. 25, 2014 – Private Event (sorry) – Tampa, FL
    •  – Nov. 7, 2014 Fri – Delta Blue – Lake Placid, NY
    •  – Nov. 8, 2014 Sat – Delta Blue – Lake Placid, NY
    •  – Dec. 11, 2014 Thu – The Falcon – Marlboro, NY
    •  – Dec 20, 2014 Sat – Waterwheel – Milford, PA
    •  – Jan 2, 2015 Fri – The Turning Point – Piermont, NY