A Wealth of Riches

Hello Everyone,

So, little did I know when I ran screaming from my “music business” life, and now back to playing full time that I would have such a full plate.  No rest for the wicked it seems…


First off: Touch is re-uniting once again with ALL of the original members for a live performance at FIREFEST 2024, October 12th, 2024 at Academy 1 in Manchester, UK.

Yes, this is of course a bit of an advance notice (just a bit…), but this is actually a pretty big deal in that it is the first time Touch, with all of the original members will have set foot on a stage together in over 40 years.  And we have begun planning now.

You can expect a solid selection of the expected classics, along with new material from our recent reunion album, “Tomorrow Never Comes”…and we truly cannot wait to deliver them to you.  I am told that this show will also be taped for a live release, and filmed for eventual streaming.  More info as they decide whether or not they want to tell me…. or just surprise me.



And as if THAT were not enough… there’s “A Nodd To Todd.” An evening of “unplugged” live performances of songs by, of, affiliated with, and/or heretofore/theretofore/where’s-the-door… relative to Todd Rundgren.  

I am currently assembling an acoustic show focusing on some of the songs that I was fortunate to have co-written with Todd, along with many which I simply performed with him over time… along with the stories behind them!  This show promises to be a lot of great memories and laughs (yes, I will probably tell the cannon story…).

Annnnd… JUST to be certain that I was in the clear here, I thought it not a bad idea to actually ask Todd directly if he was good with this… and, indeed he is. He gave me an enthusiastic “Nodd.” (notice the clever thing that I did with the “d’s” there?  I am a constant source of self amusement).

Anyway… with that Papal blessing in hand, I’m looking forward to taking this show around to a variety of venues in between bouts of rehearsals with Touch, and spending some time with you all sharing songs and a plethora of Onion-headed Tales from the “Who The Heck Is That Guy?” from Utopia.

Look for one or two soft launch shows before the end of the year, with a full launch in 2024.   Itinerary to follow.

All my good juju,


“Say goodnight, Gracie”

Hello All,

 Just a note… to announce my retirement.  

Not from music per se, but from the “business of music.”

After close to 34 years working simultaneously in the “business side” of music, and still playing… and coming up on 50 overall in music thus far (best as I can figure anyway), I have divested my interest in VJ-Pro and Lodestar Entertainment’s music video promotion division, and am jumping the desk.

I started in this odd niche of our industry as a side gig in 1988.  Something to feed the bulldog when I wasn’t touring.  Who could have imagined that it would have become a benchmark and legacy model on its own.  As such it has been a great and grand adventure working with so many of you all over these many, many years, and it has always been my distinct pleasure to have contributed to the success of so many in whichever fashion I have been able.

As the founder and primary driver of this wonderful “magic bus” it’s time for me to pass this on to the younger talent, who I know have the vision, ability and “chutzpah” to next take the wheel.  Know that I have no doubt that this new management for Lodestar and VJ-Pro will undoubtedly live up to your rightful expectations of top shelf service, transparency and nothing short of excellence.  Those have always been my priorities. Provide the best you can… so you can expect the best in kind.  So I have passed the baton to those who I believe will continue to meet that standard.

More details on that later…

As is always the case in this business, no one of course is ever “done.”  Most of us are horrid to mediocre golfers at best (come on… admit it!), we seem to have an endemic death touch when it comes to gardening, and fishing is… well, for me at least… about as exciting as watching paint dry on a fire hydrant.  My tenure as a musician and artist of course will likely never end.  Rock and roll is a condition, not an option.  I have a few irons in the fire and fun within my sights for the next chapter, although swallowing live bees in front of crowds of 60,000 fans is, I am sad to say to those that enjoyed watching that sort of a thing… off the menu.  Undoubtedly I will see you all around in one fashion or another in the fray.  And for those who are perhaps a bit unsettled at my stepping back from the helm, know that I will still be consulting on Lodestar’s strategic relations, and I will remain on call to assist where needed.

To paraphrase Morris Levy (founder of Roulette Records, for those too young to recall), who legend has it once said “It used to be a beautiful business,” I have to disagree.  It still is, Sir… it still is.

My warmest regards,

Doug Howard

New Music Video drop! Touch – “Frozen Ground”

New Music Video… Touch “Frozen Ground”


THIS… !!!

Annnnnd… NEW video drop. “Trippin’ Over Shadows” from the new Touch album – “Tomorrow Never Comes”

Doug’s interview with The Five Count

Recently Doug sat down with The Five Count and of course discussed the new Touch album, but also goes on to talk about his time as Songster for The Masters of The Universe Power Tour.

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Recent Interview with Bass Magazine

Doug’s interview with Bass Magazine…

Doug sat down with the editors of Bass Magazine to discuss the new Touch album, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” surviving the pandemic and a unique method of learning how to speak Danish…

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Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes – UK/EU Release Date Announced:

Escape Music is pleased to announce a European release with legendary rock band TOUCH and their brand new reunion album “Tomorrow Never Comes” featuring all of the original members.
Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes
Release Date: 26th March 2021
Catalogue No: ESM351
Now is available for pre-order, you can order your copy from: https://www.the-music-shop.net
Touch is:
Craig Brooks: Guitars / Vocals
Mark Mangold: Keyboards / Vocals
Glenn Kithcart: Drums / Vocals
Doug Howard: Bass / Vocals
Produced and engineered by Touch
Mixed by Mark except “Tomorrow Never Comes” by Simon Jovanovich
and “Fire and Ice” by Tommy Denander (additional mixing by Mark)
Craig played additional keys on Scream At The Sky
Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Cover art by Stan Decker from concept by Touch
Track lists:
2 LET IT COME 4:16
3 SWAN SONG 7:44
4 TRY TO LET GO 4:49
9 GLASS 4:16

TOUCH is an American band from New York City formed in 1978 with

Mark Mangold

(keyboards and vocals), Glenn Kithcart (drums), Craig Brooks (guitars and vocals) and Doug Howard (bass and vocals).

All previously had been in the last version of the band American Tears (releasing three albums on Columbia Records).
Touch’s first album was released on Atco in the U.S. and Ariola in Europe and their first singles, “Don’t You Know What Love Is” and “When The Spirit Moves You” charted on the Billboard Hot 100. “Don’t You Know What Love Is” was played heavily on AOR stations in the USA at the end of the 1970s and early ’80’s, and also did well in the Melody Maker chart in Great Britain.
Touch was the first band to play at the inaugural Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington in 1980. A live version of “Don’t You Know What Love Is” appeared on the compilation LP Monsters of Rock, documenting performances at the festival.
Known for their memorable and diverse songs, stellar musicianship, lush vocal harmonies and dynamic stage performance, Touch is invariably on the list of TOP AOR Bands and their album is considered by many to be among the best AOR Melodic Rock albums of all time.
The band have now reformed to create the new album “Tomorrow Never Comes”, which is being hailed as their best work to date.