Yes… the rumors are true. There is a Touch reunion being worked on.

For those that remember, Touch was Doug’s first major label band which produced such Billboard Top 40 songs as “Call Me When The Spirit Moves You,” “Don’t You Know What Love Is,” “Black Star” “There’s A Light,” and of course others, which appeared on their freshman album “Touch” on Atlantic/Atco records.

These many years later, (left to right) Doug, Glenn, Craig and Mark are in the studio as of this writing… doing what it is that they do, thanks to the interest and encouragement of their new record label. While label details and release dates cannot be discussed at this time…. watch this space for further developments.

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  1. Cheryll
    Cheryll says:

    Very nice Doug. Nice to see you loving life, enjoying your new found 4 legged girlfriend. Keep it going!

  2. Tricia Moore
    Tricia Moore says:

    A dream come true! Touch has and always will be my favorite band! I cannot WAIT to hear this new album! I’m sure it’s gonna blow my mind! Rock on, guys! 💝

  3. Stefan Richards
    Stefan Richards says:

    WOW!!!! This is so Huuuuuuge.

    Both my Mrs & my all-time number one album by a country mile. DYKWLI, our all-time song.

    And I thought i’d witnessed my greatest ever gig watching Mark, Goran, Tommy, Ken & Pontus rehearse the whole ‘T=o=u=c=h’ Firefest 2014 set…I think my mind will be blown even further.

    I need to go & have a lie down now…

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    Best news in years. You guys made one of the greatest AOR albums ever and I pray this new one is on a level near that. Been wondering what happened to Craig Brooks for too long. Glad to hear all are involved. Thanks for the wonderful start to my day!

  5. Brian
    Brian says:

    Best news I’ve heard in years! The Touch LP was one of the greatest AOR albums ever and it’s great to hear all are involved. I’ve been wondering what happened to Craig Brooks for 25 years! Looking forward to the new output. I hope is on a level approaching that classic debut. Take the time needed to make it worthy of the band’s legacy. I know you guys can do it. Good luck going forward.

  6. TouchFanatic
    TouchFanatic says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!! This is HUGE!!! One of my all time favorite bands. Sheer AOR brilliance!!! Please tell us there will be concerts too. Good luck to you guys.

  7. Martha
    Martha says:

    Hi, Doug…Martha here. We are all so sorry to hear about Vicky, she was a classy lady. Hope that you and Hunter are doing well. I think of you whenever we find ourselves rocking out in your old hood. We truly love it here. I truly hope that whatever you are doing, and wherever you are… you are happy with life. Again, sincerest condolences. Martha (631)903-5651

  8. Bill Moulton - UK
    Bill Moulton - UK says:

    Is it going to be all of the original members? That is so rare these days to see! Good luck to a great band! Saw you at the first Donnington. Great band!


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